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Lakshya Celebrates Yoga Day with Thapar University

Lakshya Institute celebrated Third International Yoga Day in Thapar University with much enthusiasm . The event was inaugurated by Er. Rishi Singla,Center Academic Director-Lakshya Institute along with  Dr Sanjeev Jain and Dr. Parul Jain. More than 300 students and teachers had practiced the yoga Asanas. The yoga session was taken by Lakshya’s Yogacharya Paroksh Sharma; began his fascinating journey in 1996. He continued his studies and Yoga abhyas in the following years till the interest, devotion, curiosity and passion for yoga took him to Kaivalyadhama, the oldest Yoga Ashram to study the varied aspects of ancient yet scientific knowledge of yoga and the yogic practices. During his stay at the ashram, he compiled a book named “Yoga Saar Sudha Sangrah”.

Lakshya Celebrates Yoga Day with Thapar University

Yogacharya on the occasion  said  “Regular yoga practice enhances the capabilities there by increasing our productivity, efficiency and growth. An individual’s best performance comes only when his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are in perfect synchronization with each other. To cope up with the pressure of competitions and to give a balanced performance in their examinations, a strong mental strength is needed.



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