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Manish Tewari presents ‘56 point’ charge-sheet against BJP’s ‘non-performance ‘

Manish Tewari presents ‘56 point’ charge-sheet against BJP’s ‘non-performance ‘

Bahadurjeet Singh/Chandigarh,May 28,2024

NDIA bloc candidate from Chandigarh Manish Tewari today presented a ’56 point charge sheet’ against the ten years of non-performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the union territory.

Addressing a press conference here today, Tewari reiterated the challenge for an open debate to his BJP rival Sanjay Tandon, telling him that he will be waiting for him at Press Club, Chandigarh on May 30, 11 am to debate and discuss all the issues related to the union territory of Chandigarh.

The senior Congress leader listed his charges against the BJP’s non-performance during the last ten years, counting these one by one. Referring to the BJP’s manifesto, he remarked, the BJP had done a PhD in “lying in writing”.

Giving some examples to prove his charges against the BJP, he pointed out, the party had promised to provide health insurance and pension to journalists working in the city. He asked whether any journalist had got the insurance or pension. He observed, if the BJP can lie to the journalists, it can easily lie to the people of Chandigarh.

Tewari listed other unfulfilled promises of the BJP like preparing a ‘Citizens Charter’, holding ‘public durbar’ by the MP Kiron Kher which never happened, regularising need based changes in the Chandigarh Housing Board flats, extending the limits of Lal Dora in the villages and resolving the issue of traffic congestion.

He challenged the BJP to name one single promise it made to the people of Chandigarh that it fulfilled in the last ten years. “The only achievement of the BJP was the murder of democracy committed through Anil Masih”, he remarked, while pointing out how BJP tried to steal the Mayor elections. “That is why I am saying that a vote for Sanjay Tandon is a vote for Anil Masih”, he remarked.

Referring to a fake opinion poll attributed to a leading television news channel about Chandigarh elections, Tewari said, without naming anyone, it was obvious as to who was doing it. He said, these were the signs of defeat, despair and frustration as they were staring at an imminent defeat.

He said the INDIA bloc had already complained to the Election Commission of India and also brought it to the notice of the particular news channel that their name and logo were being misused to spread fake news.

Manish Tewari presents ‘56 point’ charge-sheet against BJP’s ‘non-performance ‘

Manish Tewari presents ‘56 point’ charge-sheet against BJP’s ‘non-performance ‘. Replying to another question about the election outcome, he said, he has humbly and modestly presented his case to the people of Chandigarh and it is up to them to decide. “I respect the verdict of people and believe it to be the verdict of God”, he said, while expressing confidence that he was hopeful about people giving him a chance to serve them.

Tewari was accompanied during the press conference by Chandigarh Congress president HS Lucky, spokesperson Rajeev Sharma, Mayor Kuldeep Kumar, Chandigarh Samajwadi Party president Vikram Yadav and AAP leader Prem Garg.


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