Manish Tewari urges union environment minister to act against Modulus Cosmetics in Una

Bahadurjeet Sungh /Hoshiarpur /Garhshanker

Sri Anandpur Sahib MP and National Spokesperson of the Congress Manish Tewari has sought action against the Una based Modulus Cosmetics Pvt Ltd for all  causing severe pollution in the area leading to serious health hazards in some parts of his parliamentary constituency.

In a letter to union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav, Tewari brought to his notice the three month long protest dharna staged by residents of the surrounding areas who are seeking action against the company. He urged the minister to depute a team of Central Pollution Control Board for on spot assessment of the damage caused and health risks involved.

Quoting the residents, the MP said, they faced immense hardships to the point where almost every villager is suffering from some disease as a result of the pollution caused by the aforementioned Company.

He disclosed that the District Administration (under the aegis of Senior Medical Officer, PHC, Poshi, Hoshiarpur) in Mehindwani-Garhshankar had organised a health camp whose results were distressing. Giving details, he said, out of 523 patients, 82 suffered from pulmonary ailments and breathing problems, 80 suffered from skin diseases, 86 had eye diseases and faced problems with their vision, 275 had general health problems. This is an alarming situation that needs immediate attention, he pointed out.

Manish Tewari urges union environment minister to act against Modulus Cosmetics in Una

“The residents have been suffering as a direct result of the pollution caused by the said factory. Noxious fumes emanating from the factory have made the air toxic. Tons of stubble is burnt at the factory and the toxic smoke billows out wide affecting areas within 5-6 Kms radius. The flora and fauna in the area are adversely affected because of the chemical waste that seeps into the groundwater table as well as into the air. The improper disposal of chemical waste has made water unfit for drinking. There is a high risk of cancer as these chemicals are carcinogenic. The chemicals used in the factory result in a very foul smell that enters into every home. Students in the area are unable to carry on their education normally”, he wrote in the letter.

Manish Tewari urges union environment minister to act against Modulus Cosmetics in Una. Tewari said, the factory owners have flattened and removed natural vegetation to further increase their production. Natural canals and streams have been completely destroyed. The factory does not use adequate equipment that could lessen pollution. This is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen, he warned.

October 20,2022