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Patiala police remains at its best during 2022-SSP

Patiala police remains at its best during 2022-SSP

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

Recounting the achievements of Patiala police, senior superintendent of police (SSP), Varun Sharma said “Patiala police has successfully maintained the city safe and secure throughout the year.’ Whenever any crime had occurred, be it any incident, murder, dacoity, law and order etc Patiala police acted swiftly and with the timely action the law abiding force has tried its best to solve the case in a time frame manner.”

Patiala police has best officers and many officers are an asset to the police force. Inspector Shaminder Singh, incharge CIA Patiala got the “President Police Medal’ on the occasion of Republic Day 2022 for his services.

Varun Sharma said, “ I had joined as SSP Patiala on November 13 this year. During his tenure as SSP Patiala from November 13 to till today district police has cracked some important cases.

He disclosed that One FIR was registered regarding threat/extortion call. The case was cracked by the Cyber Crime Cell. One major case is cracking of Naib-Tehsildar entrance exam cheating case in which 05 persons were arrested, 11 GSM Devices, 07 Mini Bluetooth,12 Mobiles, 01Laptop & 02 Pen Drives were recovered and one FIR was registered. In another case under his command UCO bank robbery case was solved, 15 lacs looted cash was recovered, 4 accused were arrested in a timely action by the Patiala police. Another highlight of his term was a busting of a Child Sale racket and recovery of 2 new born babies. In this case 7 accused persons were arrested and 4 lakh cash was also recovered.

After chief minister Bhagwant Mann’s order to promote Punjabi language, Patiala SSP Varun Sharma has displayed his name plate over the right pocket in ‘Punjabi’. “It is a small gesture towards my mother tongue. We should take pride in our native language,” said Varun. This act of Sharma was recently appreciated, highlighted by the state, Higher Education and Languages Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer in a meeting with all the deputy commissioners.

“Patiala police has brought laurels for the citizens of Patiala, for state” added Sharma. Recounting some of the major achievements of Patiala police, Sharma said “in 2022, the district police have successfully and peacefully conducted the assembly elections and counting of votes.”

Patiala police remains at its best during 2022-SSP

He added that “ Internal Security wing of the Patiala police had arrested 03 Category-B Gangsters and 05 Category-C Gangsters along with 13 associates of Gangsters. The police had also recovered Pistols- 26, 12 Bore Gun- 01, 143 Cartridges weapons from them. Patiala police has registered 25 cases under Arms act and had arrested 27 persons. From them 67 Pistols, 04 Revolvers, 15 Magazines & 253 Cartridges were recovered.”

Not only district Police have arrested gangsters, recovered arms but has also traced 02 Murder cases in which 04 accused were arrested and we have traced 01 UCO Bank Robbery case with recovery of Rs.15 Lakh Cash. Similarly, acting swiftly Patiala police had recovered the amount picked by a juvenile from SBI, Mall Road, Patiala.

“District Police has conducted almost 54 (Weekly Once & Now Weekly Twice) public complaint resolving camps this year at police stations and almost 48 Camps by Cyber Crime Cell” said Sharma.

Patiala police remains at its best during 2022-SSP  Sharma added that “from time to time the district police have successfully conducted flag marches, search and cordon operations to instill sense of security among the residents, to control the bad elements, to arrest drug handlers in the district.”

“Patiala police cyber cell is best amongst the district police of Punjab. The cell had received 4162 complaints in the years. Out of these 3233 complaints were disposed off and only 929 complaints are pending. Not only the cyber cell has solved the cases but has also recovered/ refunded Rs 76.50 lacs to the owners and had lodged 23 FIRs under various acts of Cyber crime” added Sharma.

District police is regularly educating the school students about the traffic rules, do’s, don’ts. To reduce the accidents on highways, Patiala police had started the surprise checking by speed radars on highways.

Patiala police remains at its best during 2022-SSP
SSP Patiala, Varun Sharma

“Patiala police ably handled the law and order problem, whenever and wherever it had occurred” added SSP Patiala.

SSP Patiala added that the recovery of NDPS, Excise, Cyber Crime related cases throughout the year are as follows:


Cases Registered:- 667     Persons Arrested:- 792      Recovery:- 58.6 Kgs Opium, Poppy Husk- 3492 Kgs, Ganja/Sulfa/Charas- 222 Kgs, Narcotic Pills- 533325, Narcotic Capsules- 45810, Narcotic Vails- 297, Injections-1625, Heroin- 04.750 Kgs Smack- 03.795 Kgs, Intoxy Powder- 10.2 Kgs, Poppy Plants-128 Kgs, Drug Money-21,44,600 and Vehicles- 206


Cases Registered:- 451        Persons Arrested:- 435     Recovery:- Licit Liquor- 26898 Liters, Illicit Liquor- 1703 Liters, English Wine- 26030 Liters, Country Made Liquor- 15545 Liters, Beer, 9146 Liters and Sprit (ENA)- 35000 Liters.

Despite this the district police has recovered two wheeler’s, four wheeler’s, mobiles etc and solved many cases. The district police has also recovered mobile phones, accessories from jail inmates.

“District police has never forgot the sacrifices done by its officers, personnel’s. District police paid homage to its martyrs on October 21,2022 ,the Police Commemoration Day.” concluded SSP Varun Sharma

December 27,2022


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