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Pbi Uni VC interacted with alumni for multipurpose help

Punjabi University vice-chancellor, Professor BS Ghuman, turns towards established, well settled alma mater of Punjabi University, including businessman, teaching faculty, bureaucrat, entrepreneurs to seek their valuable advice, guidance , help and support to change the persisting education curriculum for the betterment of students.

Punjabi University VC, started an interactive sessions with the alumni of Punjabi University. The first such meeting was held with alumni of Punjabi university from the department of business administration. The alumni members came up with their valuable suggestions besides committing to extend any sort of aid to ‘make it best’ in the region.

Vice Chancellor BS Ghuman assured the alumni that every penny will be properly used of any kind of the financial aid that they extend to the University. He added every department will be asked to submit ‘vision as white paper’ elaborating ‘how to aspire for successes and he will personally look after the whole process.

Punjabi University VC interacted with alumni for multipurpose help

Ghuman further said “If technology can become obsolete, teaching too can! Teachers too need to excel themselves as a corollary to aligning and making our students ‘marketable’ for reaching a ‘meeting point’ between teaching and industry requirements”, as it’s a need of the hour.

The enthusiastic alumni of department of business administration along with the vice chancellor arrived at a consensus to maintain the spree of imparting quality education, matching and relating to market standards by constant and regular upgrading the course curriculum instead of repeating the age-old and rotten versions.

The alumni members suggested that there is a dire need to invite people from the market and industry for participation in the meetings of board of studies, while drafting effective syllabi and as guest faculty to apprise the students about ‘market mannerism’. “Students too should be sent to complete some short-term industry-based projects and assignments for getting immediate benefits,” as this will help them in future, they suggested.


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