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Power position eases in Punjab

Power position eases in Punjab

Bahadurjeet Singh/Rupnagar

With all the eight thermal units in state thermal plants along with five out of seven thermal units running in the private sector running, the power position in Punjab has eased considerably.

On Saturday, the power supply in Punjab  2058 lakh units for the first time in this season.Punjab State Power Corporation Limited(PSPCL) was able to meet the maximum power demand of 9762 MW and practically  there was no shortage during evening peak hours.

Power position eases in Punjab-Photo courtesy-Internet

With the operationalisation of all the state sector thermal units, the thermal power supply in the state touched 1006 lakh units. The hydro generation in the state was 138 lakh units. On average the power demand met in the state was 8575 lakh units. The power supply in Punjab on a corresponding day last year was 1550 lakh units with a demand met of 6459 MW.

V K Gupta spokesperson for All India Power Engineers Federation said that the power  demand in the state has increased by 33 percent this year and the power supply by PSPCL has also increased equally by 33 percent.

The coal stock in the state sector Rupnagar and Lehra Mohabbat thermal plants, and private plants at
Talwandi Sabo thermal and GVK remains at critical level.The only exception is Rajpura thermal plant.

May 1,2022


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