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Priyanka’s letter reaches Sidhu after six months wait

Priyanka’s letter reaches Sidhu after six months wait

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

Priyanka Gandhi is amongst the person being allowed to meet me in jail’. This is the name Navjot Singh Sidhu had mentioned in the jail records while entering the Patiala Central jail in May ,2022 about the persons allowed to meet him in jails.

Sidhu was so confident that despite of disastrous performance of Congress in Punjab assembly polls held in February 2022 under his command and court sentencing him one year jail, Sidhu was confident that one day Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will come to Patiala to meet him in the jail. So, he had given Priyanka Gandhi’s name, officially the persons allowed to meet in jail.

But, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra fails to come to meet him in jail in all these six months period.

Now, as per available information, a letter from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reaches Navjot Singh Sidhu in Patiala Central jail, where he is undergoing one year imprisonment.

As per sources, on November 25,2022 former MLA Navtej Singh Cheema and two other persons came to meet Sidhu in Jail and might have handed over Priayanka’s letter to him.

Priyanka’s letter reaches Sidhu after six months-Photo courtesy-Internet

The content of the letter is not immediately came to know but the letter from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has once again brought Navjot Singh Sidhu in limelight as the political pundits are viewing this letter as a change of guard in the state congress in coming days.

As per unconfirmed reports, Navjot Singh Sidhu might get pardoned for his remaining sentence as the government may grant his pardon during the upcoming Republic Day. As per sources, the government of India has already issued instructions to the state government to release prisoners qualifying the required terms and conditions on three occasions –August 15,2022 , January 26,2023 and August 15,2023 under the ongoing 75th Year of India’s Independence celebrtaions. So, the government has planned to remit Navjot Singh Sidhu’s sentence. A case may be forwarded by the government for remission of his around four months pending sentence.

As per political pundits, the party is going to bring Navjot Singh Sidhu in focus during the upcoming “Bharat Jodo Yatra” which is expected to reach in Punjab by the end of January 2023, if he gets the pardon during the Republic Day 2023 occasion.

November 27,2022



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