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Rahul Gandhi Promises Farmers’ Debt Relief Commission

Rahul Gandhi Promises Farmers’ Debt Relief Commission

Bahadurjeet Singh,Khatkar Kalan,May 30,2024

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi announced the creation of a Farmers’ Debt Relief Commission, vowing to forgive farmers’ debts, in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who waived Rs 16 trillion for his 22 billionaire friends. Addressing a ‘Save the Constitution’ rally in Khatkar Kalan, Banga, Gandhi criticized Modi’s Agnipath scheme and promised to scrap it, asserting that it insults the nation’s martyrs.

Gandhi urged the public to vote overwhelmingly for Congress candidate Vijay Inder Singla. He criticized Modi’s government for allegedly benefiting a select few wealthy friends like Adani at the expense of the country’s farmers, youth, and workers. He promised to make Minimum Support Price (MSP) a legal guarantee, ensuring fair compensation for farmers.

Rahul Gandhi emotionally reflected on the previous UPA government’s effort where they had waived Rs 70,000 crores of farmers’ debts. He pledged that Congress would repeatedly waive farmers’ debts if needed, forming a dedicated commission to oversee the process. Gandhi accused Modi of handing over critical sectors like defense, infrastructure, and solar power to Adani, thereby prioritizing billionaire interests over national welfare.

Highlighting the failures of the Agnipath scheme, Gandhi argued that it disrespects martyrs by denying permanent recognition to soldiers who die in service. He pledged to abolish the scheme and restore permanent recruitment for soldiers, respecting their sacrifices.

While addressing the rally, Vijay Inder Singla expressed his immense happiness, stating, “Today is the happiest day of my life,” urging the public to support him in the elections. Gandhi also spoke about his extensive Bharat Jodo Yatra, emphasizing that the issues faced by laborers, farmers, and unemployed youth were included in Congress’s manifesto, aiming to make a substantial difference in their lives.

Rahul Gandhi Promises Farmers’ Debt Relief Commission

Rahul Gandhi promised the Mahalakshmi scheme to empower millions of women, providing Rs 8500 monthly to their accounts starting from July 5. He also pledged to increase the daily wages under MGNREGA from Rs 250 to Rs 400 and to double the pay for Anganwadi and ASHA workers. Criticizing Modi’s unfulfilled promise of creating 2 crore jobs annually, Gandhi accused him of favoring corporates like Adani and Ambani while stifling small businesses with policies like GST and demonetization.

At the rally, attended by a massive crowd and senior Congress leaders, Gandhi called for unified support to save the constitution and urged the public to vote for Congress.


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