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Rayat Bahra Patiala campus organized Seminar on Career Counseling

Faculty of Engineering of the Rayat Bahra Group, Patiala campus, organized a seminar on Career Counselling to help students in today’s fast paced and hi-tech business and professional world. Dr George Allen, Vice-President and Dean of Graduate Studies, Texas, A&M University, Dr Venkat Allada, Vice- Provost, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Jodi Ann, Prospective International Student Advisor, Missouri University, USA were the speakers.

The US delegation members spoke on career prospects to provide clarity of career purpose and clearly defined the goals for the students to achieve their career plans they wish to adopt. Dr George Allen specifically mentioned that A&M University, Texas wishes to offer the research programmes for Rayat Bahra University students and under these programmes, the faculty will exchange their views and interests and receive a lot of funding on the basis of various research activities from the University of Texas.

Dr Venkat Allada said that University of Missouri was interested to collaborate with Rayat Bahra Group on the projects of Photo Voltic Cell and Artificial Intelligence Research Activities. Student’s interaction with the speakers also cleared and provided solutions to all their queries and they were informed about the job opportunities after the completion of their courses. Their expectations for the future that were not connected with their knowledge and abilities were also made clear and were shown a coherent career plan to adopt.

Rayat Bahra Patiala

Rayat Bahra Patiala campus organized Seminar on Career Counseling

Campus Director Dr Piush Verma welcomed members of the delegation and presented a brief description of the Rayat Bahra Group. Dr Verma highlighted the need and importance of career guidance. He said that career aptitude, career personality and career interest assessment were required to measure comprehensive profile of a student’s natural abilities, inborn talent and personality traits. When the students understand their natural talents, they get a huge boost in confidence and develop very high interest in the career paths that are shown to them.

Chairman of Rayat-Bahra Group Gurvinder Singh Bahra congratulated Patiala campus for organizing a Seminar on Career Counselling and said in his message that it was the demand of today’s need and necessity that the students were shown the right and rigorous paths in India as well as abroad to reap the fruit of their hard work and get employment. Krishna Murthi S, from Abacus, was also present in this programme.


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