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Rayat Bahra students design battery operated cycle

The Rayat Bahra Group, Patiala Campus students of Mechanical Engineering have designed a battery operated fold able bicycle keeping in mind the rapid increasing amounts of carbon dioxide emission by vehicles and increasing fuel economy. It is easy to carry at it is lightweight and can come in handy where there is no source of transportation.

It runs on lithium batteries covering an area of 50 km on its complete charging. One can carry it in a car, bus or train to use it at a place where there is too much rush or risky to reach in a four wheeler. As an experimental model its cost comes out Rs 30000 and the weight of this vehicle is 15 Kg. This is a bicycle which is unique in its type, less in weight and volume but very easy and comfortable to carry.

The students behind this novel design include Aamir Raza, Ankush Singla, Gurpal Singh, Nirmal Singh, and Harpreet Singh.

Chairman of the Rayat Bahra Group of Institutions Gurvinder Singh Bahra appreciated this project of the students and said that it is a low-cost alternative to an automobile for short trips and it can also be used as a recreational activity.

Campus Director Dr Piush Verma motivated the students and exhorted them to go in for more such inventions. He said that this kind of vehicle does not emit toxic gases or any kind of smoke and it runs on clear energy source. He encouraged the students to undertake more such pursuits.


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