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Seminar at GNDU on Genomics of Type II Diabetes

Seminar at GNDU on Genomics of Type II Diabetes

Amritsar-A National Seminar on “Genomics of Type II Diabetes and Cancer”, sponsored by UGC-CPEPA, was organized by the Department of Human Genetics at Guru Nanak Bhawan Auditorium, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. The welcome address was made by the Dr. Gursatej Gandhi, Head of the Department of Human Genetics. This was followed by the singing of University Anthem by students and traditional lamp lightening. The programme was presided over by the chief guest – Dr. Avinash Nagpal, Dean Faculty of Life Sciences, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. In her keynote address, she briefed about the importance of genetics in the understanding of complexity of diseases like Type II Diabetes and Cancer, this being the main component of the theme of Center for Potential for Excellence in Particular Area (CPEPA).

Professor (Dr.) A.J.S.Bhanwer introduced the invited speakers of this meeting. The first invited speaker was Professor (Dr.) Sher Ali from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. Dr. Ali spoke on the topic “Genome Analysis, Cancer and Human Health”. He explained the system biology of cancer, complexity of the disease and role of genetics in the understanding/diagnosis of treatment of the disease.

Seminar on Genomics of Type II Diabetes and Cancer” organized by GNDU

The second speaker was Professor (Dr.) Anjana Munshi from Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. She explained about the genetic mutation burden in Breast Cancer Disease. She stressed upon the functional implications of genetic variants and their partners associated in the development of Breast Cancer.

The last lecture was delivered by Dr. Rohit Kapoor, Medical Director, Carewell Heart and Multispeciality Hospital, Amritsar. He introduced the latest approaches such as Insulin Pump & Stem Cell Therapy in the management of Diabetes Mellitus, taking examples of patients treated at his hospital.

The programme was concluded with a warm vote of thanks given by Professor (Dr.) Vasudha Sambyal and felicitation of the speakers.



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