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DC Mohali imposed additional restrictions in the district

DC Mohali imposed additional restrictions in the district

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in/ Chandigarh

Girish Dayalan, IAS, District Magistrate, under Section 144 of Cr.PC has imposed additional restrictions in wake of COVID-19 spread. These shall apply within municipal limits of the district from 22.08.2020 to 31.08.2020

The restrictions entail that there would be a Weekend Curfew ie curfew on Saturdays and Sundays in all the municipal towns and cities of the District upto 31.08.2020.

Regarding Night curfew it is specified that movement of individuals for all the non-essential activities shall remain prohibited between 7:00 pm to 5:00 am within municipal limits of the District throughout the week. However, essential activities and services, movement of persons and goods on National and State Highways, inter state & intra state movement of persons and unloading of cargo and travel of persons to their destinations after disembarking from buses, trains and aeroplanes will be permitted. The Essential services include services related to health, agricultural and related activities, dairying and fishery activities, banks, ATMs, stock markets, insurance companies, on-line teaching, public utilities, public transport industry in multiple-shifts, construction industry, offices both private and government, media both visual & print etc.

Movement of persons and students in the connection with all kinds of examinations, admission/entrance tests conducted by Universities, Boards, Public Service Commissions and other institutions shall be permitted. Production of ID Cards/Employer-issued cards/Admit Cards in case of examinations shall be considered sufficient proof for travel for these essential purposes.

The orders state that Shops/Malls are permitted to open Monday to friday till 6:30 pm but to be closed on weekends. Shops/Malls (dealing in essential commodities) and the Religious places to be open till 6:30 pm everyday.

Similarly, Sports complexes, stadia and public complex to be open till 6:30 pm everyday.

Restaurants (including Restaurants/ Hotels in malls) to be open till 6:30 pm but on saturady and Sunday only Only Home Delivery allowed that too Till 6:30 pm

Liquor Vends however will remain open everyday till 6:30 pm.

Orders lay down shut-down of 50% shops in Mohali City. It is said that Not more than 50% of shops dealing in non-essential commodities shall remain open in cities on any day but on a staggered rotational basis (odd/ even).

However, all shops dealing in essential commodities such as food, medicines, milk and milk products, poultry etc. shall remain open on all days as per the timings specified.

Traders and Market Associations shall be responsible for ensuring proper staggering of shops in all markets within the municipal limits. Municipal Commissioner Mohali in coordination with SDM Mohali and the police shall take strict action against the violators.

For Vehicles throughout the District it is laid down that Only 3 persons including driver to be allowed in a 4-wheeler vehicle. All buses and public transport vehicles to allow sitting for 50% capacity with no person standing.

There is Ban on gatherings throughout the District. All social, political, religious gathering, protests and demonstrations throughout the District are prohibited. However, gatherings relating to marriage and funerals shall be allowed only for 30 persons and 20 persons respectively. Strict action be taken against the organisers and main participants for violation of these orders.

For Government and private offices through-out the District it is specified that  Government and private offices shall operate with 50% staff strength till the end of the month i.e. not more than 50% of employees would be permitted on a particular day. However, this shall not be applicable to offices dealing in essential COVID19-related duties or officials deputed for COVID-related tasks. The Heads of Offices would restrict public visitors in Government offices and encourage use of on-line Punjab Grievance Redressal System (PGRS) and other on-line tools so as to minimise person to person contact in offices.

Industrial Activity Industry shall be allowed to operate including on weekends or in day/night shifts without any specific permission in this regard. Movement to and from workplace during curfew shall be allowed upon production of organisation ID cards duly verified by the employer.

Any violation of these guidelines and lockdown measures shall be punishable under sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 besides legal action under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).



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