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Dharna planned against suspension of Samana teachers

“Harbhagwan School Samana” is a Govt. Aided School and having Permanent recognisation from Punjab School Education Board. It is being run by a Trust which has also got the recognisation from State Govt. under the Trust Act. So the Management Committee of the School have to obey the terms and conditions of the State Govt. In the last few years there has been extensive dispute between the two Management Committees of Harbhagwan School Samana due to the property of the School having values in crores.

Amandeep Singh teacher of the school raised this issue and the illegal deeds of the Management to the department. As a result the Management committee of the school suspended him illegally and unconstitutionally making false, forged and fabricated allegations.

Dharna planned against suspension of Samana teachers

So to revoke illegal suspension orders of Amandeep Singh the Executive Committee of the Govt. Aided Schools Progressive Front Punjab will hold a dharna against the management committee of Harbhagwan School Samana on 7th February(Wednesday), 2018.

The Statement was given by the State President Upjit Singh Brar and Press Secretary Gurdish Singh of Govt. Aided Schools Progressive Front Punjab. Further said that the front leaders had tries many times to solve the matter with school management and the education department but there is no result. Front leaders earlier has already given 15 days time to the school committee and department to revoke the suspension order of Amandeep Singh. Now in the State level meeting the Executive Committee of the Front has taken  this issue very seriously and passed a resolution to fight against the injustice of the school management and the Education Department till the matter has not been resolved. On the same day memorandum will be given to SDM Samana for revoking the illegal suspension. Next programme will also be announced on the day after the Dharna by the Front.


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