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Don’t postpone surgeries; get fixed package for surgeries-IIITans

Don’t postpone surgeries; get fixed package for surgeries-IIITans

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in/ Chandigarh

The worries over hospitalization’s unknown expenses will no more bother you as a start-up by three young IIT & IIIT graduates in partnership with some prominent doctors, offers a new concept of 100% fixed pricing packages for surgeries. The packages include all costs of hospitalization, including doctor fees, OT charges, cost of stay and any other costs related to an in-patient experience.

Sharing details, Himesh Joshi, CEO of Ayu Health said that the two top hospitals in Mohali and Chandigarh have already been roped in for offering fixed packages for surgeries in neurosurgery, urology, general surgery, proctology, orthopaedics and cardiology.

Talking about the idea behind the start-up , he said that according to FICCI report, 61% of patients don’t feel that hospitals act in their best interests, a number that was only 37% in 2016.

It was a shocking stat. We realized that the biggest problem for patients was the complete lack of transparency on pricing, remarked Himesh.

Due to these unknown and unexpected expenses, most people tend to postpone surgeries despite the risk involved, he said.

Moreover with its burgeoning reputation as one of the healthcare hotspots in the country, it’s only fair that Chandigarh is now at the forefront of a momentum shift in the way healthcare is delivered in India, Himesh maintained.

Meanwhile beyond pricing, Ayu Health is also leveraging technology to improve hospital operations and patient experience. It is also working on completely digitizing the consultation process and is also working on introducing new initiatives like zero waiting time consultations, video calling for follow-up appointments etc.

Arjit Gupta, one of the founders and chief technology officer said , “Over last decade the  technology has completely changed the way we shop, order food, entertain ourselves or even pay our taxes. But the hospital experience has remained unchanged. We feel patients deserve a lot better.”

Another founding member , Karan Gupta, a city boy and a graduate from IIT Delhi said that it’s an amazing feeling to see such an amazing response for our idea in my very own city. Having come from  a family of doctors, I have seen healthcare very closely and feel that there’s a lot that can be done to make healthcare more accessible. The government has taken some interesting steps and now it’s up to people like us to build on the last-mile delivery systems.

Our average patient satisfaction score is currently 9.9 out of 10, which is way better than any other hospital in the country, claimed Karan.

Interestingly the trio has also featured in the reputed Forbes 30 under 30 list.

February, 29,2020


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