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Good News for Punjabi women: CM Mann enhances the Rs 1000 amount promised to women of Punjab

Good News for Punjabi women: CM Mann enhances the Rs 1000 amount promised to women of Punjab

Kanwar Inder Singh / royalpatiala.in News/ May 28,2024

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday campaigned for the AAP candidate Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer in his (Mann’s) very own constituency Dhuri. Mann addressed a huge public rally in Dhuri and made a big announcement there that soon all the women in Punjab will get Rs 1100 per month instead of promised Rs. 1000 per month.

I won’t get tired until I root out Akali, Congress and BJP from Punjab: Bhagwant Mann

Addressing the rally Mann said that he will not get tired or stop until he root out Akali, Congress and BJP from Punjab for good. He said that these people ruined our three generations. They robbed the rights of our children and ruined their future, they destroyed our youth and ruined the lives of our elders. Mann said that people call me ‘bai ji’ (Malwai word for big brother) because I’m one of their own, I’m their son and their brother. Dynast leaders are ‘Kaka ji’, ‘Raja ji’ and ‘biba ji’. Mann said that after getting our votes they used to spend their four and half years in luxury in their palaces, now people have sent them on leave and they are not able to come out of their palaces anymore. Mann said that he is campaigning in the whole Punjab and everyone is saying the same thing that this time they will give the Aam Aadmi Party all 13 seats of Punjab.

Canal water to every field in Punjab, and our youth is getting jobs without bribes and recommendations: Bhagwant Mann

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said that for the first time every field in Punjab is getting Canal water. I meet elderly people who tell me that there is water in ‘kassi’ after 35 years. He said that he has given 43,000 government jobs to the youth and every job is given purely on the basis of the merit. 40 people of a single village Karandi of Sardulgarh got government jobs in the AAP government. Your children are becoming Patwari, SDO and inspector. The people don’t have to give bribes or get recommendations for the job anymore. Mann said in two years he didn’t even commit the corruption of a single rupee whereas the previous leaders have built the palaces and hotels with the money of the people of Punjab. Mann said that he is not here to take shares in your business, transport or dhabas, I’m here to share the pain and problems of three crore Punjabis, said the CM.

Electricity in Punjab is free and Soon the women of Punjab will get Rs. 1100 per month instead of Rs. 1000

CM Mann said that household electricity is free in Punjab. 90% of the households in Punjab get zero electricity bills. Farmers are also getting sufficient electricity in the daytime for the paddy season. Mann said that his government bought a private thermal power plant and named it after Guru Amardas ji. Earlier during the paddy season, the common news used to be – Punjab only has coal for one or two days. He said that now thermal plants in Punjab have 22-28 days of coal stock. He said that everything is possible with an honest government. Mann said that before the AAP government only 21% of fields were getting canal water. Now more than 60% of the fields are getting canal water, his aim is that every field in Punjab should get canal water for irrigation. That way 5-6 lakh tubewells will be out of need in Punjab. Mann said that their government will save 6000-7000 crore rupees from the electricity subsidy. He added that with that money he will fulfill the guarantee of Rs 1000 per month to women. Mann said that they only need 5500 crores for that, since we are saving more, the people of Punjab will get more. Making a big announcement, Mann said that instead of Rs 1000 per month, mothers and sisters of Punjab will get Rs 1100 per month.

Good News for Punjabi women: CM Mann enhances the Rs 1000 amount promised to women of Punjab

Your educated children will eradicate poverty, I will remove the compulsion of opting for private schools and hospitals: Bhagwant Mann

Mann said that the poverty cannot be removed by a green card, blue card, red card and yellow card. Poverty can be eradicated only through education. Your educated children will become officers and remove poverty from your houses. Mann said that today it is the compulsion of the people to go to private schools for better education and private hospitals for better treatment. Mann said that he is working to remove that compulsion from the lives of the people of Punjab. He said that he is turning Punjab’s government schools into schools of eminence where the children of the poor will get world class education. Similarly, we are opening Aam Aadmi clinics and improving government hospitals. Mann said that soon it will be the choice of the people that they want to go to government schools and hospitals or private. Mann said that his government is opening a library in Dhuri too.

I’m fighting alone, strengthen me, give me 13 more arms and voices in the parliament: Bhagwant Mann

Mann said that he is fighting against the dictatorship, the BJP and centre and he is fighting the governor and every opponent in Punjab for the rights of our state and people. He urged the people to make him stronger by giving him 13 more arms and voices in the parliament. He said that the people of Sangrur are revolutionary and Mann completely trusts them.

Mann said that he is aware of all the problems of the people. He said that after June 4th he will be working on the sewerage system of all the cities of Punjab. He said that new industries are coming to Punjab. Tata steel is establishing their second biggest plant in Ludhiana. Mann said that for Kissan ketchup, the company used to buy tomatoes from Nasik, Maharashtra, but now we will be providing them 10 metric tons of tomatoes to make ketchup. He said that the farmers of Sangrur, Patiala and Malerkotla will be cultivating those tomatoes. Mann said that it will break the wheat-paddy cycle and save the ground water in Punjab.

Mann’s attack on Akali Dal and Sukhbir Badal

Mann attacked Sukhbir Badal and said that he is a person who lives in AC. He comes out after asking the temperature. When the temperature outside is 30-32°, he takes out his Punjab Bachao Yatra for two hours. I have not seen him in Parliament till date. How will such people understand the pain and suffering of the common people! Taking a jibe at the Akali leaders, Mann said that he has come to know that Sukhbir Badal and Harsimrat Badal cry themselves to sleep every night. On the demand of the people, Mann also recited his famous kikli-2. Mann said that Sukhbir Badal expelled his brother-in-law from the party, now the news is that Bikram Majithia is ready to expel his brother-in-law. Mann said that these people can never compete with us or match our hardwork. Mann said that today Akali Dal is in this condition because they disrespected the holy ‘gurbani’.

Attacking the Congress, Mann said that Congress is a confused bunch in Punjab. He said that Sukhpal Khaira abandoned Bhulath and came to fight elections in Sangrur, last time he went to Bathinda but lost, this time again he will taste a defeat. Mann said that Congress brought Raja Warring from Bathinda and fielded him in Ludhiana and they sent Vijay Inder Singla to Anandpur Sahib to get defeated there.

SSF – Sadak Surakheya Force

He said that the AAP government did more in two years than what they promised during 2022 assembly elections. Referring to the Road Safety Force (SSF), Mann said that last year we formed the Road Safety Force, which has saved about 1250 lives in road accidents so far. Last year in March-April, about 1500 people died in road accidents. Whereas this year only 250 people died in these months. Mann said that before SSF 17 people used to die on the spot in Punjab in road accidents which were the highest in the country. Now SSF is saving precious lives everyday.

Good News for Punjabi women: CM Mann enhances the Rs 1000 amount promised to women of Punjab

Door-to-door wheat and flour

He also gave clarification on the door-to-door ration scheme of the Punjab government and said that we have not reduced the ration, earlier they used to give 15 kg ration after 3 months, whereas now we are giving 5 kg ration every month. Along with this, Mann said that someone has spread a rumor that only flour will be available from the government. This is not true, it is a baseless rumour. People get both options. They can take flour or wheat, whichever they want. Bhagwant Mann also said that the wheat that people will get will be of top quality only.

BJP is getting arrogant, we have to defeat these dictators: Mann

He said that according to a report, BJP is losing in all four phases. It is difficult for them to cross 400 this time. He said that it has become absolutely clear that the BJP government is not being formed at the center. This time the INDIA Alliance government will be formed and the biggest contribution in it will be the Aam Aadmi Party. He said that we are asking for votes based on the work done in two years in Punjab and eight years in Delhi. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP talk about Mangalsutra and Muslims even after 10 years. Mann said that Modi is calling himself an incarnation of God. They are arrogant and dictators. We have to defeat them to save our constitution and democracy. Mann said that the BJP does the politics of hatred but they won’t succeed in Punjab. Punjab is known for its communal harmony and brotherhood. He said that we celebrate Gurpurabs, Eids, Diwali and Christmas together.

Sangrur, particularly Dhuri, is special for me: Mann

Mann said that Sangrur, particularly Dhuri, is special to him. He said that in 2014 and in 2019, the people of Sangrur sent him to the parliament. In 2022 the people of Dhuri sent me to the Punjab assembly. He said that he is representative of Dhuri and its people. He said that he will always prioritise his home constituency for development. Mann said that he trusts the people of Sangrur, they are revolutionary people, they will once again create history and send Meet Hayer to the parliament with a record margin victory.

Mann also applauded Dalvir Goldy and said that he is a young, honest and hardworking leader. He wants to work for the betterment of Punjab and our people. His previous party wasn’t letting him do work. So he came to join us. Mann said that Meet Hayer and Dalvir Goldy came from student politics. They are aware of the problems of the common people and their issues.

People themselves are talking about our works of two years, the Mann government has done more in two years than anyone else: Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer

Sangrur candidate Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer said that he goes to around 30 villages everyday, the people themselves are talking about the work and achievements of the Mann government in just two years. He said that the AAP government has done more work in just two years than what previous governments did in 75 years. Meet Hayer said that he is the son and brother of the people of Sangrur and he has always served them honestly. He said that this time he is fighting against all the outsiders in Sangrur. He urged the people to vote for him as their son and brother as well as on the basis of exceptional performance of the Mann government in Punjab. He said that he will fulfill his responsibility as the MP of Sangrur with complete honesty too.


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