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Kaleidoscope: Annual Arts Exhibition at Thapar University

Kaleidoscope, an arts and photography exhibition was organized by fine arts and photography society of Thapar Institute, Patiala . The exhibition was inaugurated by Honorable Director, Prof. Prakash Gopalan.

The exhibition displayed artworks and photographs by the young amateur artists of Thapar. The exhibition aimed at providing a hassle-free, pocket-friendly journey around the globe, at the mere distance of a few steps. As the theme of this year was “Around the Globe.” Various art techniques of different regions where projected on large canvases along with the 3-D models of the region’s profound architecture.

Kaleidoscope: Annual Arts Exhibition at Thapar University

Approximately 150 paintings and 100 photographs were put on display during the entirety of the exhibition. The annual calendar of the FAPS society was also released By Director, Prof. Prakash Gopalan, Dean of Students Affairs Dr Maneek Kumar, FAPS President Prof. Ravi Kiran and Vice President Dr Vikas Sharma.

The calendar contains the selected paintings and photographs designed by the students covering varied themes. Kaleidoscope, Annual Arts Exhibition at Thapar University provides an exciting opportunity for students to share their work with the community.

The event’s glory was added to at dusk when the lights were turned on, displaying a tent of 50 ft radius made entirely of lights. The event was attended by approximately by 700 individuals that included faculty and students.


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