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Kapil Sibal bats for Manish Tewari; appeals for votes

Kapil Sibal bats for Manish Tewari; appeals for votes

Bahadurjeet Singh/Chandigarh,May29,2024

Making a strong and powerful case for Manish Tewari from Chandigarh, eminent lawyer and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association Kapil Sibal today said that no one was better qualified to represent the union territory in Lok Sabha than him (Manish Tewari).

Addressing a press conference at the Chandigarh Press Club here today, Sibal while describing Tiwari as a brilliant lawyer, parliamentarian and a prolific author, who writes on domestic, international and defence issues, said that he (Tewari) commands respect of leaders across the political spectrum for his articulate and well informed speeches in the Parliament.

Sibal, who specially came to Chandigarh to join the campaign of Tewari in his capacity as a fellow lawyer and a concerned citizen, lamented that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has almost destroyed all the robust and autonomous institutions in the country except the judiciary.

“Our independence and democracy are in grave peril today”, he warned, while accusing Modi of lowering the prestige and dignity of the office of the Prime Minister. He pointed out, the type of speeches the Prime Minister has made in the recent past is simply pathetic and such a speech will not enhance the reputation of even a block level leader.

Sibal was also critical of abuse of laws like Prevention of Money Laundering Act and Unlawful Activity Prevention Act for destroying dissent and difference of opinion.

Sibal observed that the Modi government has not encouraged the manufacturing sector, which is the root cause of the rising unemployment in the country.

Stating that 59% of the country’s GDP is contributed by the ‘Service Sector’ and just above 16% yy agriculture and the rest is contributed by manufacturing and other sectors.

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Manish Tewari

The government is more interested in the import of the goods and components, which can be easily manufactured in the country, he remarked.

Sibal, who had had his education in Chandigarh and began his law practice in Punjab and Haryana High Court praised the people of Chandigarh and hoped that people of the city will choose the right candidate and also send a message to the country to strengthen the forces of democracy and the rule of law.


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