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Modern School Celebrates Parade Day

Modern School Celebrates Parade Day

Patiala-Modern Senior Secondary School,celebrated Parade Day along with the Investiture Oath Ceremony of its new Student Leadership . A grand parade was organized on the sprawling grounds of the school, which included contingents from the school’s four houses, two contingents from the National Cadet Corps, and three from the school band including flute, bagpipes and drums. The band marched out in full regal attire, dressed with all the trims, sashes and boots. It was an impressive event attended by parents and alumni, many of whom are notable personalities in the city. Air Vice Marshall, Manprit Singh Brar, alumni of the school took the salute during the parade. Also in attendance were alumni, K. K. Sharma. (Chairman, PRTC), Sanjeev Garg (Designated Information Commissioner), Dr. Ashutosh Narula (Principal, Laxmibai Dental College), Dr. Gurbinder Singh (Registrar, Thapar University) and Dr. Naveen Saronwala (Propr. School Captains, Prabhjot Kaur and Raninderjit Singh, ushering a new era of captains and prefects, led the swearing-in for the Investiture Oath Ceremony of the new Student Leadership.

*Prefects                         (Standards 11 & 12)*
Brahm Karan Singh​​ XII – A
Divyansh Gautam​​ XII – A
Drishti​​​​ XII – A
Gurleen Kaur​​​ XII – A
Harshdeep Singh​​ XII – A
Pushp Raj Singh​​ XII – A
Savitajveer Singh​​ XII – A
Simarjot Kaur​​​ XII – A
Bhaviika Bansal ​​XII – B
Kalashpinder Kaur​​ XII – B
Naazpreet Kaur​​ XII – B
Simardeep Kaur​​ XII – B
Prachi Kapila​​​ XII – B
Sanjana​​​ XII – B
Amandeep Singh​​ XII – C
Chakshu Gupta ​​​XII – C
Devika​​​​ XII – C
Ishveen Kaur​​​ XII – C
Jashanpreet Kaur​​ XII – C
Jasleen Kaur​​​ XII – C
Jasmine Kaur​​​ XII – C
Parneet Kaur Dhillon​​
Prabhleen Kaur ​​XII- C
Preet Karan Singh​​ XII – C
Sukhmandeep Kaur​​ XII – C
Harsimran Kaur ​​XI – A
Kashakpreet Singh​​ XI – A
Manavbir Singh​​ XI – A
Mehakdeep Kaur ​​XI – A
Mehakleen Kaur​​ XI – A
Parneet Kaur​​​ XI – A
Prabhleen Singh ​​XI – A
Ravneet Singh​​​ XI – A
Darshanpreet Kaur ​​XI – B
Harnoor Kaur​​​ XI – B
Ishita Sharma ​​​XI – B
Raveen Kaur​​​ XI – B
Simranjit Kaur​​​ XI – B
Vibhati​​​​ XI – B
Yashika Ahuja​​​ XI – B
Ashwinjeet Singh​​ XI – C
Mansimran Kaur​​ XI – C
Muskanpreet Kaur ​​XI – C
Raavia​​​​ XI – C
Shivam​​​​ XI – C
 *House Assistants          (Standards 9 & 10)* 
Amisha​​​ X – A​​
Priya Khanna ​​X – A​​​
Upneet Kaur​​ X – A​​​
Armaan​​ X – B​​​
Harshpreet Singh​ X – B​​​
Gurnoor Daliwal​I X – A​​​
Khushi Dhiman​ IX – A​​​
Manmeet Singh ​IX – A​​​
Arshdeep Kaur​​ IX – B​​​
Harsheel​​l X- B​​​
Kiranpreet Kaur​ IX – B​​​
Sehajdeep Kaur ​IX – B​​​
Simranpreet Kaur​ IX – B​​​
Swapanjot Kaur​X – A​​​
Ajayveer Singh Dhillon​
X – B​​​
Anushka​​ X – B​​​
Harmanjot Kaur​ X – B​​​
Parneet Kaur​​ X – C​​​
Arshdeep Kaur ​​IX – A​​​
Gracy​​​ IX – A​​​
Kumud​​​ IX – A​​​
Anshleen Kaur​​ IX – B​​​
Jaspreet Kaur ​​IX – B​​​
Manmeet Singh​ IX – B​​​
Mansimar Kaur​ IX – B​​​
Ridhima​​ IX – B​
Bhumika​​ X – A​​​
Nigun Garg ​​X – A​​​
Aashtha ​​X – B​​​
Gursimranpreet Kaur​ X – B​​​
Harsimran Kaur ​X – B​​​
Saijalpreet Kaur ​X – C​​​
Chanmeet Kaur​ IX – A​​​
Janvi Sharma ​​IX – A​​​
Tejpartap Singh​ IX – A​​​
Aliza​​​ IX – B​​​
Anmol Kaur​​ IX – B​​​
Paras ​​​IX – B​​​
Sameer Jain​​ IX – B
Chetan Mittal ​​X – A​​​
Hardik Walia​​ X – A​​​
Karmanjot Singh​ X – A​​​
Mohit​​​ X – A​​​
Shivani Panwar ​X – C​​​
Agamjot Singh​​ IX – A​​​
Aishween​​ IX – A​​​
Jaskomal Kaur​​ IX – A​​​
Jasmin​​​ IX – A​​​
Kavi Inder Kaur​ IX – A​​​
Jaismeen Batish ​IX – B​​​
Navjot Kaur​​ IX – B​​​
Rishika Rattan​​ IX – B
Modern School Celebrates Parade Day

​Towards the end of the event were four ‘surprise’ performances, which included a Salt March by junior school students, depicting Mahatma Gandhi’s historic 25-day Dandi March in 1930. A few hundred alumni of the school, who were given the honor of Chief Guests during this occasion, took a victory lap of the school grounds along with the school band whilst the entire audience cheered. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by the Chairman, Jujhar Singh, followed by an heart-touching rendering of the National Anthem.



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