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Nest boxes at Commissioner residence by Beerh Society

Nest boxes at Commissioner residence by Beerh Society

Firozpur:  Keeping in view the power of equality of nature, keeping in mind the proper functioning of Pindia, the Faridkot Society, organized by the BEERH ‘Society, has made this campaign a comprehensive basis, and the soil at the residence of Commissioner, Firozpur Sumer Singh Gurjar.

Appreciating the work done by the BEERH society’, nearly 50 nests have been set up for different birds made of Sumer Singh Gurjar To maintain the beauty of the natural environment and to maintain the beauty of the natural environment, we need to make every effort to safeguard the bird and to cleanse the soil, air and water, so that all the efforts need to be done. He said that the birds are an inseparable part of our lives and the entire nature and without them the earth will become desolate.

Master Gurpreet Singh Sara from ‘BEERH Society’ said that this campaign has received a lot of enthusiasm with such an initiative taken by a senior administrative officer like Commissioner Sumer Singh Gurjar and his nature will be a natural attraction for the society.

Kuldip Singh Purba, Gursevak Singh Kainth and Zia Gill and Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus, who were trying to execute the process of nesting, said Balwinder Singh Mohie, a member of the society from Ferozepur, said, “So far, around seven thousand nests have been planted by the BEERH Society. We have gone, in which the fifteenth of the birds have settled in the neighborhood. And we have seen our beautiful  legacy at many places The increase in the number of birds, sparrows, Ullu, Garud and Gutar has been increased. He said that the ‘Complete Bird Freedoms’ campaign will gradually expand across Punjab, due to which more nests will be done in school Colaba. The children will also be interested in nature. Apart from this, BEERH


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