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Psychopedia- Coaching institute opened its branch in Patiala.

Psychopedia-a coaching institute was established in the year 2015 & after two years of hard work in Chandigarh they now opened their second branch in Patiala.

The first of its kind in Patiala to provide psychology co

Psychopedia is a Psychology Coaching Institute

aching at high school level, undergraduate level, master’s level and UGC level, Psychopedia is not just limited to the coaching, but bought all three elements- Learn, Train, Heal, together which is by conducting various workshops like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Stress Management. Psychopedia also takes career counselling & now introducing sports counselling & a special educator on board to take care the needs of special children & provide help to their parents.

Psychopedia is a Psychology Coaching Institute was started by the 23 years old young psychology professional Aashna Narula. This study center combines her love for teaching & psychology. Aashna Narula was recently awarded the Young Women Achiever Award in the field of Psychology by Chandigarh Mayor Asha Kumari Jaswal. Aashna Narula is also an author of children’s book, “A happy book- raising positive children” which was also exhibited in Miami International Book Fair 2017.

Psychopedia has been giving success stories in Chandigarh & students in CBSE scored 99 in Psychology & claimed that our students have also cracked UGC-NET. Psychopedia is not just a coaching institute, the students are given empathy & unconditional positive regard. Aashna said that “our students success is our greatest success, we are not just their teachers but their mentors & guardians too”. Through Psychopedia we have also tried to break the norms that just believe that institutes have to just stick to what the syllabus is all about, we give them real life examples, we help them in their career guidance, we are there for them as their family. Parents have a faith in us and that is the reason we have been working so hard. She further said that Psychopedia Patiala has two very efficient psychologists Jasmine Kaur & Jashanpreet Virk & they are hardworking & will be great mentors to students in Patiala.


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