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Red Letter Day in the history of Patiala Industries Association; hosted Union Power Minister in Patiala

Red Letter Day in the history of Patiala Industries Association; hosted Union Power Minister in Patiala

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

September 18,2022 is going to be written as a Red Letter day in the history of Patiala Industries Association, as for the first time in its 39 years of inception, any Union Power Minister has visited Patiala to interact with them and heard their grievances.

On September 18,2022 , Patiala Industries Association  hosted Union Power Minster and for bureaucrat RK Singh.

The association members welcomed him and honour him on his first ever visit to Patiala.

PIA advisor and backbone of Patiala Industries Association Naresh Gupta presented a charter of demands, problems faced by a small scale industrialist in day to day business to the Union Power Minister.

Red Letter Day in the history of Patiala Industry Association; hosted Union Power Minister in Patiala
Union Power Minister RK Singh

To this the Union Power Minister gave positive response to the association members on power related issues. He also asked them to give a representation to him in the name of Union Finance Minister and Prime Minister about the problems they are facing in taxation, health and other industry related issues. He said he will personally discuss it with the ministry, government authorities and try to solve the industry related genuine problems.

Patiala Industries Association advisor Naresh Gupta shared a list of problems they are facing in their day to day working with the Union Power minister RK Singh.

He pointed out that the union government must give some relief to small scale industry as large power, medium power, small power limits were set around 50 years ago, which are still prevalent in the rules. The power ministry should revive this from the already set 100 Kw, 50 Kw, 30 Kw model as earlier the industry was different and now with the moderniastion, machines are more motorized so the revision of this is much needed. To give some relief to small scale industry these limits should be revised as the power demand has also increased.

Red Letter Day in the history of Patiala Industries Association; hosted Union Power Minister in Patiala

He further pointed that in Punjab, during paddy season, the power shortage dents the productivity of industry as it gets merely 3-4 hour power supply in the areas where non dedicated industrial feeders are installed. The industry in focal points get power on regular bases but small scale industry in other than focal point area, established on agriculture land doesn’t get regular power supply. They get power from regular feeder not from industrial feeder. Due to this, the industry suffers a lot during three months of paddy season. Moreover, all feeders are not industrial feeders so the industry suffers. To this the union power minster said, he will take up this matter with the PSPCL, Punjab Govt officials as when the nation gets 22 hours power supply, why this is happening in Punjab.


Gupta further pointed out that it’s a hurricane task to install solar power project in industry as the industry is facing many problems due to faulty policies.

On behalf of industrialist’s Gupta highlighted the complication of GST in day to day working. He said that the industrialist is working in fear atmosphere due to its complicated nature. For every small issue industrialist is held responsible. Like, if the manufacturing unit pays GST, but its suppliers don’t pay the GST the industrialist is held liable. In this case, the government is required to take action against the supplier but the industrialist is held responsible for the fault of supplier. He further suggested that the amendment, revision is also required in the GST set limit for small services and for sales and only taxable services should be counted for taxation purpose.

PIA Advisor Naresh Gupta

He further suggested modification in IT Rules. He added that even in this year Tax Audit the income tax department has demanded so much of GST data from the industrialist, which is not available even with the GST. That data don’t have any utility. The TDS and TCS are so vast now days that the businessman is working under fear atmosphere.

Gupta highlighted a general problem of an industrialist. He said, “we have to maintain two books of accounts, if registered as a company. We have to make books as per income tax act and as per companies act. This age old system also needs reforms. Both are central government departments. What is the need of marinating two books of accounts for one industrial house under two different acts? It should be maintained under one act either income tax or companies act.

The industrialist is also facing difficulty in exports of goods as we have to register ourselves, our banks with every port from where we have to send the consignment. When PAN and AADHAR is registered, interlinked than only one registration is required which remain applicable for all ports so that exporters don’t feel the heat of age old system.

He further highlighted the ESI pathetic service issue in Patiala, with the minister. The workers of around 1000 ESI registered unit are not getting any health facility in Patiala as there is no dedicated hospital is available in the city. The nearby ESI hospital is at Mandigobindgarh which is around 40 kms away from Patiala. He suggested that the government may authorize the industrialist to insure their workers with health insurance at their own level.

Red Letter Day in the history of Patiala Industry Association; hosted Union Power Minister in Patiala


“The industrialist, businessman is feeling so much of burden in these last few years, it’s unimaginable. We don’t want anything free. We are ready to pay the required tax but we as an industrialist wants freedom from “Inspector Raj” concluded his speech.

Patiala Industry Association also requested the Power Minister to allot an automobile or defence production unit to Patiala, so that local industry may get boost and contribute in PM Modi dream initiative “Make in India.”

September 19,2022


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