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Seminar on Sustainability of Indigenous Cattle at National Livestock Championship

On the penultimate day of 10th National Livestock Championship & Expo-2017 organised by the Punjab Government Department of Animal Husbandry, a Seminar on sustainability of indigenous cattle under Indian conditions was held and chaired by Prof. P.K. Uppal, Dr. Amarjit Singh Director Animal Husbandry Punjab and Dr. S.N.S. Randhawa, Professor, Khalsa college of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Amritsar.

Dr. Parampal Singh, Veterinary Surgeon, Polyclinic Bathinda gave a detailed presentation on breed characteristics and morphology of Indigenous (Indian) breeds like Sahiwal and Gir. He emphasized the tolerant nature of these breeds under environmental conditions of the state. He also elucidated benefits of breeding and management of these Breeds.

Dr. Mark Smith gave information about technical expertise on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in indigenous cattle to improve the productivity and production of the breeds. He concluded that with IVF techniques we could increase the conception rate and milk production in indigenous cattle in the state. This will lead to early breed improvement with respect to breed characters improved milk yield and conception rates.

Audience attending a seminar on Sustainability of Indigenous Cattle at National Livestock Championship

Senior agriculture economist from World Bank USA Mr. Edward W.Bresnyan emphasized on the global status of animal husbandry. He said that India is the largest milk producer in the world as well as Animal population (Herd Size). World Bank supports 18 States including Punjab as per National Dairy Project -1 scheme. He explained the role of rationalising feed and scientific management factors to increase the production under existing conditions.

In the session, Dr. J.K. Jena Director General Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) made the members aware about the role of ICAR in selection and conservation of indigenous breeds to increase the productivity.

Krishan Arya, an indigenous breed farmer from Delhi expressed his gratitude on the arrangements by animal husbandry department, Punjab in the NLC and expo 2017.

Dr S.N.S. Randhawa emphasized on management aspect of indigenous cattle rearing through proper nutrition and management. He also underscored the need for early disease diagnosis to minimise the losses.

Mr Inderjit Singh Director Dairy Development, Dr Nitin Kumar Assistant Director, Dr Desh Deepak Deputy Director (Stat), Dr P.S. Nanda, Dr M.P. Singh, farmers Jaswinder Singh Dhillon and Buta Singh were also present on the occasion.



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