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Treatment of COVID-19 through self healing- Varinderjit Kaur

Treatment of COVID-19 through self healing- Varinderjit Kaur

Prof. (Dr) Varinderjit Kaur

We all are going through difficult and challenging phase of our life. We were not ready for this unpredictable situation as everything has come up unplanned. COVID-19 has created panic in the society. Presently this disease is widely spread and has become a matter of serious discussion. The biggest problem we all are currently facing with Corona virus is its exponential growth. It is spreading just like a chain reaction. If the rate of its growth is not slowed down significantly, then it would be a never ending process.  The experts are agreed that the spread of COVID-19 cannot be stopped until a medicine or vaccination is made. It can only be slowed down through physical distancing and by keeping some basic precautions like washing hands, using masks and sanitizers etc. as suggested by the respected doctors of our society.  Government of India and WHO together have framed some guidelines to take preventive measures to control this disease.   However, here we will try to see this problem with another perspective.

At this point of junction, there are so many questions to discuss: How COVID-19 has affected our lives directly or indirectly?  How social distancing has created isolation in our minds, in our society and ultimately in our lives? How we can break this state of isolation? What would be its after effects?

Starting from the first question, COVID-19 has almost affected all the sections of society whether these are students, youngsters or old age people. If we talk about social distancing then I would say that it is nothing but the combination of mental and physical distancing.  Technology has already contributed a lot in developing mental distancing in our minds. So we can say that earlier social distancing had created isolation in our minds but now we are physically separated. We need to break the state of isolation by creating positive atmosphere all around us.

Treatment of COVID-19 is the self healing process and positive approach towards life.  It is being believed that humans are the most beautiful and powerful creation of GOD. That’s why GOD has created a self healing process in our body as. This means that we all have a power to heal our self from any disease whether it is physical or mental as mentioned by Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book “The Power of your subconscious Mind”.  If we realize that this disease has nothing to do with our body then our body has sufficient energy to put down this disease.  So as a first step we have to understand the concept of energies that are existing within us and around us. It is an extensive joyful feeling that can be felt and understood only with self experience. There are some ways to connect to these energies while sitting at home.

Treatment of COVID-19 through self healing- Varinderjit Kaur

Treatment of COVID-19 through self healing- Varinderjit Kaur said “meditation is the first way to connect to these energies and then ultimately to the supreme power.  Meditation is nothing but exploring our self.  It is the time to feel our self, to talk to our inner sense.  Meditation means to connect to the positive vibrations around us, receiving positive energy from the universe and utilize it to improve our mental and physical health. The researchers have proved that our mind gets adapted to a new habit after a complete cycle of 21 days as our subconscious mind gets trained during this period. Regular practice of meditation will help us to reach the state of zero thought level (stable state) and we can have a strong feeling of peace and happiness.  So treat yourself with the medicine of positivity.

Second way to connect to these energies is to understand the power of prayers. The ultimate aim of our life is to achieve happiness and to be in stable state of peace which is missing in everyone’s life. It can be achieved if we are able to eliminate “I am” (ego) and accept “you are” and it is only possible by understanding the true meaning of prayer. But we must remember that there should be no doubts, fears and hesitations in true prayer.  The correct prayer is a prayer of gratitude. Gratitude process plays an important role in our life. So we must use gratitude until it becomes our way of life.

The third and easiest way to get out of this fear is to connect to the nature. Nature is full of peace. Chirping of birds, blooming of flowers, dancing of trees, music of rain are some of the blessings of GOD which we can enjoy while sitting at home. So we must spare some time to enjoy these blessings.

Treatment of COVID-19 through self healing- Varinderjit Kaur said “we must remember that this problem is not created by us and it’s not our fault that it came. What is created by us is the degree to which it touches our life. The best way to reduce it is to change the way we behold this problem.  Every person has different way of receiving positive energies. We need to help others to feel better. We need to take care of our self and also our near and dear ones. Try to keep away from negative energies. Always welcome challenges and difficult times, as the most difficult situations in our life teach us the best lessons of life. Do not allow the other people and problems to dominate in your life rather surrender yourself to god in difficult times. When we surrender, the struggle disappears and the events become blessings.  So let’s accept the reality and move forward……….”

NOTE:- The writer Prof. (Dr) Varinderjit Kaur is working with GSSDGS Khalsa College, Patiala, in Physics  department. The views express are personal.



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