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Verka launched Milk products in parts of Haryana

To build confidence in Verka, Patiala diary launched Milk Products in parts of Haryana. Verka Milk products were distributed  among residents and retailers of Kurukshetra, Shahbad, Nilokheri in Haryana and a  sampling was got done, by Verka Milk Plant, Patiala. The supply of Verka Milk and its products will be started in these areas from Sunday, 4th June 2017.

General Manager of the Verka Milk Plant, Patiala MK Madan said that 30 counters at Kurukshetra, 25 counters at Shahbad and 10 counters at Nilokheri will be established to provide Verka Milk, Dahi, Lassi, Paneer, Raita and other Milk products to the general public. On this occasion Rajat Khanna Manager marketing, Tarsem Lal area Incharge, Rakesh Kumar (Distributor Kurukshetra-I) Surinder Gandhi (Distributor Kurukshetra-2) Sanjiv Sharma (Distributor Nilokheri) Khem Chand (Distributor Shahbad) and prominent personalities of areas were present.

Verka launched Milk products in parts of Haryana

At the time of Inaugural ceremony, Madan told that in the present competitive scenario, the quality of the product is the utmost parameter to stand in the market. Verka Patiala diary has built its image in the Diary industry. At Verka Patiala Dairy, Milk Products are manufactured at bench mark prices in adequate quantity and formulating products that meet ethnic tastes and varied requirements with ensured purity. With the openings of outlets at above places, the residents and passerby’s have the privileges of consuming fresh Verka Milk and Milk Products.

Verka Milk Plant, Patiala was established by the Punjab govt under cooperative Act to provide them a remunerative market throughout the year and at the same time to provide quality milk and milk products t the customers.



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