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YPS Patiala supports the less fortunate students

YPS Patiala supports the less fortunate students

Patiala-In a philanthropist act, Yadvindra Public School (YPS) students contributed its share in society by donating books and clothes to less fortunate and under privileged children. Books from class 1-7 along with clothes were handed over to the organisation who will further distribute them to poor and needy children. This noble cause was initiated in collaboration with Har Hath Kalam (a Non-Govt. Organisation who works for promoting education among deprived children).

Education is a fundamental right. But there are so many children who are not fortunate enough. Due to several reasons like poverty, they are deprived of basic facilities of life. YPS Director Maj Gen Sanjiv Varma has come forward to help such children by providing the books and clothes to them. He urged the school students to donate for under privileged children following which the initiative took final shape.

 YPS Patiala supports the less fortunate students

All the students voluntary participated in this noble cause. The students collected the old books and clothes, which they are not going to use anymore. The school staff then handed over these books to the Har Hath Kalam organisation, which is dedicated to serve less fortunate children. These books will be distributed amongst the most needy and poor children.


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