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Once again all is not well at civil hospital Samana

Once again all is not well at civil hospital Samana

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

Civil hospital Samana is once again came into news, all for a peculiar situation, that occurred after chemist shops owners and local shiv sena leader accusing each other for illegal activities. Patients and civil hospital staff are suffering.

Local chemists who have shops outside the civil hospital accused local Shiv Sena leader Parveen Sharma for harassing them, taking pictures ,without their consent, making videos to blackmail them, demanding money from them. Parveen Sharma is accusing them for threating, doing illegal activities. Civil Hospital staff is under stress, for act of Parveen Sharma.

As per chemist shops owner, who have shops outside the civil hospital, said” it all started when Shiv Sena leader Parveen Sharma starts coming to civil hospital Samana accusing chemist shop owners a “middleman” and doctors as corrupt. He came and goes live on social media and shows the empty chairs of doctors, who were on strike, brought bad name to them, tarnish the image of civil hospital Samana. He is accusing all shops owners for running a nexus with doctors. We have our own social circle and almost daily someone came and seek our help for early checkup in the civil hospital. Normally we use to send our worker along with the known patient to the doctor, so that doctors check them on priority. Parveen Sharma is accusing us for selling medicines to the patients, when most of the medicines were available free in the hospital. He holds our workers in the hospital and labeled them as “Dalal”, when they go along with our family, friends for checkup. He is provoking us. Who gave him authority to show patients, even pregnant ladies, live on social media? He has no authority to shoot within a govt building. He is trying all these acts just to get security cover from the government, so that he can flourish his activities. So, we decided to complain against him. We gave representation to the MLA, SMO, SHO, DSP Samana. ”

Once again all is not well at civil hospital Samana Once again all is not well at civil hospital Samana

When contacted Shiv Sena leader Parveen Sharma, he said “there is a nexus going on in the civil hospital Samana. Chemist shop owners are fleecing the patients and giving them costly medicines, when free medicines are available in the hospital. They have deputed their workers in the hospital and gave the medicines to the patients from their shops. On August 6,2021 I went to the civil hospital Samana to meet the SMO and when I was leaving 19-20 chemist shop owners came and threatened me with dire consequences, if I raised this issue, publicly. I immediately informed the police and gave a complaint against those 19-20 unidentified persons. You can check this from a CID official, who was also with me, at that time. I belong to a reputed family. My father retired as an Inspector”

When contacted the SHO City Samana, he said” the SMO Civil hospital has asked us that he will verify the facts, at his own. So, at present we are not investigating this issue.”

When contacted SMO Samana Dr Arvind he said “yes, I got the representation from the chemist shops, but not from Parveen Sharma. I have placed around 10 posters in the civil hospital Samana for the public to take free medicines from the hospital. No worker is shop keeper is allowed to take doctor’s prescription slip. Sometimes a doctor has to prescribe medicines which are not available in the hospital. But the doctor never recommends any chemist shop. Patient is free to purchase that medicine from wherever he wants to purchase. Moreover, how can a doctor work under the terror, live videos, tolerate interference in his working. Nobody is allowed to ask doctors to prescribe this medicine or that medicine. If this type of terror continued, the doctors might start recommending the patients to Rajindra hospital to save their skin. Ultimately, the patient will suffer. ”

Awarded SMO transferred on staff complaint

August 8,2021


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